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Charlotte's Web  - Directed by Eric Johnson -  Lights by Mike Wyant - Costumes by Beth Dunkleberger - Video by Adam Larsen 

Fulton Theatre - 2005

Conceived more as a tone-poem on life, the seasons, change and growing up than a cute story about a guy in a pig suit, this production involved location-shot video as well as live video projection.

The actors manipulated a tiny video camera and models of the barn and the Ferris wheel at the State Fair and other props to provide evocative, often bittersweet, backgrounds to the story.

The first image below, for instance, shows the actor who plays the Sheep sifting flour "snow" on the model barn and toy truck, as the live video of his actions are projected on the scrim behind which are the actors in this winter scene.

Most scenes involved this multiple-view approach where the audience saw the scene taking place, and the manipulation of the elements that were creating its visual component.

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